It’s Real Nappy Week!

It’s Real Nappy Week!

Lauratanner2We’ve teamed up with Laura Tanner, from the Nappy Gurus, who is on hand to answer your questions about real nappies.

If you have any questions message us or leave a comment below and we’ll ask Laura

About Laura – Laura is mum to two children and used cloth with both throughout the ‘nappy years’. Now any cloth nappying mama will tell you that these things are addictive. Yep, poo gets really interesting and nappy stashes provide comfort and excitement…really!!

Laura turned her passion for cute cloth wrapped bums into a thriving business with the aptly named Fill Your Pants who support the Nappy Gurus – mums just like Laura that love all things cloth!

If you’re a washable nappy virgin, then Laura has a lot of advice for you. Reasons why cloth are better for your baby, your bank balance and of course, the environment are there along the different types of nappies available (which she shares on our blog).

The Nappy Gurus are mums just like Laura who would encourage you to give cloth a go! They supply all the nappies available at Fill Your Pants and can come and visit you to discuss which cloth nappy will suit you best of all.

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