Health Scare for Pregnant Billie Faiers

Health Scare for Pregnant Billie Faiers

Pregnant TOWIE star Billie Faiers has described the terrifying moment she collapsed following a possible heart scare.

The 24-year-old, who is seven months pregnant, fell ill while out celebrating her friend Harry Derbidge’s 20th birthday in Soho, London. ‘I felt a shudder coming over my whole body. It was like my body was shutting down – I had no control over any part of me,’ Billie told Now magazine.

‘My ears were ringing. My head hit the table and I couldn’t move. Then everything went dark.’ The mum-to-be was unconscious for five minutes before waking up to find she couldn’t see or move.
‘I was lifeless, my bones ached, but in my belly I could feel loads of rapid movement. I thought: “Oh my God, my baby’s in distress”,’ Billie remembered.

‘(My friend) Gemma Collins was fanning me with a menu and screaming ‘give her some room!’ Then (my sister) Sam helped me out to the car. I was sweating so much I had to take my bra off. ‘Then I started shaking. Sam was wrapping a blanket round me and saying: “We need to go to hospital,” but I couldn’t face A&E. I just wanted my bed.’

The following day Billie said she couldn’t feel her baby move, so in a panic rang her sister Sam Faiers.
Sam and her boyfriend Joey Essex rushed to her home and alerted their mum and aunt, as Billie’s fiancé and the baby’s father, Greg Shepherd, was in Spain with friends.

After about 40 minutes and a cup of tea and some biscuits her aunt, who had her hand on her belly, felt a kick and the soon-to-be mother said it was the ‘biggest relief ever’

Billie went to hospital to have a scan and blood tests to try to diagnose the problem. She’s now being fitted with a heart monitor as doctors try to find out the reason for her medical issues, amid concern she may have an irregular heart-beat. Medics believe it could have been caused by over-exertion and Billie has been ordered to ‘slow down’ and cut her workload.

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