Katie Hopkins Shares Her Views on ADHD

Katie Hopkins Shares Her Views on ADHD

Controversial Katie Hopkins has revealed more of her views when it comes to parenting – this time, taking aim at children with ADHD and their parents.

On Twitter Katie wrote: “Tom has ADHD. In other words – he is a little GIT that needs a good telling off.”

She continued to write about the subject in her column for The Sun, saying: “There is always one kid in a class that all mums dread … the punching, biting, kicking machine, shoved through the classroom door in the morning to unleash merry hell on every other child.”

Katie then went on to say that the diagnosis of ADHD is simply an excuse for parents with “problem” children: “Any mother with a child like this wants to something to blame – anything to blame – as long as it isn’t them … Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder fits the bill … a quick appointment with a GP and suddenly her son is not a problem child.”

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