Katie Price Confirms Pregnancy

Katie Price Confirms Pregnancy

Katie Price has confirmed that she is six months into her fifth pregnancy.

She discovered she was pregnant while on holiday in Cape Verde, with her husband and children, when she experienced stomach pains. Katie was particularly shocked as she was still wearing her size 6-8 jeans.

Katie told Now Magazine “I had no idea I was pregnant, let alone more than six months pregnant. I always laughed when people said that they never realised they were pregnant. I’ve had four kids and it happened to me. I usually put on loads of weight and you can only just see my bump now. I’ve had no cravings- I don’t even feel pregnant.”

The mum-of-four also said she was scared she might lose the baby when she suffered further stomach pains, especially as son Jett was born prematurely.

“I went into a complete panic because Jett had come so early and I knew it wasn’t right,” she said. “All these thoughts were rushing through my head.”

Katie, 35, went on to say her doctor confirmed she had complications and that she will be taking medication, but didn’t go into details.

She also revealed she wanted more children after baby number five, saying: “I want more kids. I’m going to start again when I’m 40 but I think I need to give myself a rest before I get going again.

“With me and Kieran it’s all about the kids and being together and just having a family. I’m much more chilled – haven’t even had mad pregnancy hormones so I think that must be down to the fact he makes me so happy.

“He’s been with me at the worst times when Jett was born and we thought we’d lose him and then he’s been through this. He’s a good man.”

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