Pre-pregnancy ‘bucket list’

Pre-pregnancy ‘bucket list’

A recent survey by OvuSense has made a list of the 25 things every woman should do before having a baby. It’s a kind of pre-pregnancy ‘bucket list’.

Here it is:

1. Be married
2. Own my own house
3. Matured enough to be a mother
4. Have travelled
5. Cleared my debts
6. Completed further education / got qualifications
7. Have a garden
8. Been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday
9. Passed my driving test
10. Own a nice car
11. Have £10,000 in savings
12. Said goodbye to my party days
13. Lost weight
14. Earning £30,000
15. Reached management level
16. Got a long-awaited promotion
17. Reached the top of my game at work
18. Own my own business
19. Cut down on my alcohol intake
20. Earning £40,000
21. Paid off my student loan
22. Earning £50,000+
23. Moved back to be near my parents
24. Completed a sporting accomplishment
25. Earned enough to afford a nanny

How many of these could you tick off before you had a baby and do you agree with the list?

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