Fearne Cotton has said she felt ‘beautiful” when she was pregnant

Fearne Cotton has said she felt ‘beautiful” when she was pregnant

Radio DJ, Fearne Cotton has said she felt ‘beautiful” when she was pregnant and hinted that she is keen to do it all over again.

“I would do anything to have that experience of being pregnant again,” she told Red magazine. “Oh, when I was pregnant and huge, I felt the most amazing I’ve ever felt.

“The day after I gave birth, I remember looking in the mirror. I probably looked horrendous, greasy hair that I hadn’t washed for days, this weird wobbly belly with no baby in it, chapped lips, flushed skin and I felt like I looked the most beautiful I had ever looked.”

But Fearne did admit that motherhood isn’t all plain sailing, as she feels torn between spending time with Rex and getting on with her work.

“I’ll be interviewing Coldplay, feeling bad for being there,” she said. “There’s this little tap on the shoulder, your subconscious saying, ‘Don’t enjoy this too much, you should be at home’.”

As well as 16 month old Rex Rayne her fiancé Jesse Wood has two children – Arthur,12, and Lola, seven, – from his first marriage to Tilly Boone

Fearne describes their home life as ‘mad at the weekends,’ but says she can’t imagine her life any other way.

“We’ll meet at the washing machine. Jesse will be washing Arthur’s cricket outfit while I’m putting Rex’s babygro in. We’ll be like, ‘You OK? Right. Good. See you in the bedroom before we pass out’.

Regular Glastonbury attendee Fearne made it to the festival this year, but last year she and Jesse decided to stay home because ‘it would play havoc with the breastfeeding schedule,’ even though it meant missing out on seeing Jessie’s father, Ronnie Wood, perform with The Rolling Stones.

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