Not long now for Claire!

Not long now for Claire!

Claire Sweeney just has one month to go before she gives birth to her baby boy. Claire has said that her pregnancy has been fantastic but has admitted that it wasn’t all plain sailing in the very first few weeks.

Claire has had two miscarriages in the past, and she says those heartbreaking losses made her feel super-anxious during her first trimester of this pregnancy.

“Because I’ve lost 2 babies, I just needed to look after myself,” the 43-year-old reflected. “My previous miscarriages did make me feel extra cautious.”

Claire is a pilates and yoga enthusiast but she stopped exercising completely during those early weeks of pregnancy.

“I didn’t exercise at all in my 1st trimester because I was so nervous to push it,” she said. “But my advice to others would be to try and enjoy it. Drink plenty of water, get your nutrition right and go with your body. Allow yourself whatever you need.”

After a first nervous 12 weeks, Claire says she felt confident enough to get back into a regular exercise regime.

“Now I’m enjoying a combination of Pilates and yoga,” she says. “But when you’re tired, just have a lie down – don’t feel guilty.

“It’s my last trimester, so I’m not rushing around too much. I had a walk around the park the other day and I had a sit down on a bench every few minutes because my hips were bad.”

Claire split from her former fiancé, and father of her unborn child, Daniel Riley, earlier this year.

But she says ex Daniel has been really supportive. He’s even bought a top-of-the-range Bugaboo Chameleon for the baby – whose name, says Claire, is going to Gabriel.

“Dan’s been sharing the pregnancy with me. He’s been wonderful,” she says. “He’s been there by my side supporting me, doing everything together.”

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