Jayne and Jon Cornwill spent $50,000 to choose the sex of their baby

Jayne and Jon Cornwill spent $50,000 to choose the sex of their baby

Jayne and Jon Cornwill spent $50,000 to choose the sex of their baby, something that is apparently becoming a new trend.

The Cornwill’s really wanted to have a baby girl so they left their home in Australia and headed for California to do pre-implantation genetic screening. After having three boys, the couple didn’t want to chance not having their fourth be a girl, so they researched their options.

Jayne and Jon Cornwill spent $50,000 on their baby to ensure that it was a girl, and plenty of other people have done the same sort of thing. Many people suspect that this will become even more popular in the future and, over time, maybe less expensive.

Speaking about her second pregnancy, Jayne said, “I couldn’t hide my disappointment from my husband when the nurse said, ‘It’s a boy’… unless you’ve experienced ‘gender disappointment’ you can’t understand how crippling it can be.”

During her third pregnancy with her son Brodie, Jayne says she became so down that she “considered having an abortion.”

Although she did go through with the pregnancy, she and her husband immediately began researching gender selection options and remortgaged their house to help pay for the treatment.

“My desire for a daughter caused me to spiral into depression and left me virtually housebound. Every time I went out, toddlers in pink seemed to taunt me,” Jayne said. The feelings of sadness got so bad, the Cornwills decided to do something about it.

Jayne described her elation at finally giving birth to a baby girl earlier this year. “When my daughter, Emmerson, was born in April and I held her in my arms, it was like the final piece of the puzzle fell into place.”

She is now calling for the treatment to be legalised in other countries. “It’s not about playing God, it’s about giving women reproductive freedom,” she said.

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