Win with Mushy Mushy!

Win with Mushy Mushy!

We love Mushy Mushy and they are generously giving away 20 Mushy Mushy Baby Food Storage Containers with Clip-on Lids. Just enter below!


The Mushy Mushy Story!

Mushy Mushy was founded by two busy parents with a personal love of (and one with a professional background in), food and health. We wanted to give our baby boy the best start in life and did our best to always cook him fresh food packed with the nutrients he needed to grow. It was hard and we sacrificed the small amounts of spare time we had to do this when all we wanted to do was have a cuddle or read the paper. We learned a lot of lessons and decided then and there that we would set up a company that gave parents peace of mind and some of that extremely precious time back.
Mushy Mushy is the end results. We provide quality weaning products and lots of advice, tips and recipe ideas to help you put good stuff in your little one’s tummy.
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