Introducing Lilith Loves Henry!

Introducing Lilith Loves Henry!

0109-6We want to champion small businesses and we are continuing our ‘Introducing’ series with Lilith Loves Henry!

Lilith Loves Henry is borne of two mums that love to create and strive to create beautifully designed products for babies, children and adults.

Adele and Angela tell us how they became safety testing experts, discovered that photo shoots with babies don’t always go to plan, their dreams of an office with bean bag chairs and the pride they feel when they see their products in public.

11227095_10153258322771093_295928330_o (2)Why and when did you start Lilith Loves Henry?
We met in early 2014 at a local “bump” club.  We got chatting and instantly hit it off.  At the time we were both working in a corporate management environment but realised that we both had the same desire, to step away from the 9-5 job and unleash our more creative side to produce wonderful and unique products. Shortly after our ideas started to flow, Lilith and Henry arrived and the business “Lilith Loves Henry” was born.

DSC_5892-smallWhat has been your biggest challenge to date?
Wow, that’s a hard question. Over the past year we have faced so many challenges. Our biggest challenge by far has been Safety testing our products.  It is a complete minefield to understand but we have worked closely with our testing center and are pleased to say that we are now very educated in this!

We take safety very very seriously, and so put our products through the most stringent of independent testing.  We have had so many fabulous ideas and when we have put them into a product has looked great, but sadly many just don’t pass the testing and so we have to go back to square one!  We wouldn’t have it any other way though; safety is paramount when it comes to children!

DSC_6045-smallWhat has been your funniest moment?
We find ourselves laughing all the time, it’s probably why we get on so well.  One of the funniest moments we have experienced so far is our Lilith and Henry photo shoot.  Trying to sit 2 small children together whilst promoting our products was hilarious. They were poking each other, laughing, crying, pulling hair, you name it they did it.  We ended up with only a handful of photos where they were both smiling the rest are now outtakes.

What is a typical day like at Lilith Loves Henry?
With 5 children between us, our days are busy! Whilst the bigger kids are at school, Lilith and Henry, now 1 years old, keep us on our toes.  Our meetings consist of either sitting at a coffee shop or on Skype once all the children are in bed.  We split tasks equally.  As well as making the products we have a lot of paper work to complete and then there is the networking and social media – that has to be the hardest thing to keep up with.

DSC_5846-smallWhat are your dreams for Lilith Loves Henry?

We want to grow and expand.  We want to be a known brand for our funky, practical teething products.  We dream to have our own office, (with bean bag chairs and a play area for the kids)!  We would love to be able to employ staff and be known for being great employers who are parent friendly.

How is your work/life balance?
We wanted to run our own business so that we could spend more time watching our children grow up and get a better work/life balance.  We do enjoy spending time with our young families, but that does mean that when they are asleep our work starts.  It is not unknown for us to still be on our computers at 2am in the morning, but we love it. It doesn’t feel like work when you are passionate about something.

Orange-and-Magenta-BroomWhat has been your proudest moment?
One of our proudest moments has to be seeing a child enjoying our product.  Spotting a child in a sling or pushchair in town with something that you have made is amazing.  Similarly at Baby Expo show in Reading in 2014.  We had just started out on our journey.  We only had a small table, but managed to fill it with all our new Silicone Teething Toys and Chewable Jewellery.  The response we had was fantastic, not only did we sell our first toys, but we gained some invaluable experience and lessons learnt.

What tips would you give someone else wanting to start their own small business?
No matter how hard the road looks, don’t give up.  Perseverance and tenacity are two qualities that are imperative. Take note of the bad as well as the good times so that when you look back you can see how far you have come and how much you have achieved.

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