Introducing The Baby Bible!

Introducing The Baby Bible!

babybiblelogo_login_250pxThe Baby Bible is the new movement in Motherhood, supporting ALL Mums-NO judgement. Here Olivia tells us how she juggles parenting two Tiny Humans with writing a book, breastfeeding and blogging while championing Maternal Mental Health issues. It’s all a bit bonkers, as she explains;

Why and when did you start The Baby Bible?

The idea for The Baby Bible was born out of my battle with Postnatal Depression.  I was diagnosed with PND when my first little girl was 6 months old and it dawned on me that PND was not the only area of Motherhood that doesn’t get spoken about in open and non-judgemental terms.  I therefore started to write about all these areas and set up a blog, Facebook group and started the book which has captured the imagination of mums in the UK and abroad and has been billed as the new movement in Motherhood – Supporting ALL Mums NO Judgement!

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

There have been so, so many!  On a personal level overcoming the daily and exhausting battle of fighting PND whilst trying to be the best mum possible to my two little girls.  On a business level trying to juggle the chaos of having two Tiny Humans under the age of two with running and writing my blog, book and trying to keep on top of my emails, tweets and posts!  Most days I’m lucky if we are all fed and dressed let alone anything else.

What has been your funniest moment?

Hmmm it wasn’t so funny at the time but looking back now I can see it was pretty mental!  It has to be trying to type up my latest article whilst breastfeeding my 2 week old at the same time who I would like to add was strapped to me in a baby sling! Totally bonkers and I have no idea what I was thinking!

What is a typical day like at The Baby Bible?

With two small children and working from home, bedlam is my new norm but on the flip side it provides me with lots of new “in the moment” material for the blog, book and commissioned feature ideas.  On a good day it starts at 6:30am when the little ones scream for their breakfast and there in ensues a morning of battles to get them breakfasted, bums changed and dressed (oh and if i’m lucky involves me having some form of shower).  If its a “work day” then my mum is over and helps so I can then crack on with whatever ideas have come to me during one of the nigtfeeds or park tantrums.  I literally binge work as I only get a couple of child free days a week and the rest has to be taken care of during nap times or after they have gone to bed.  To be honest at the moment between the 2 year old, ten month old and The Baby Bible work its all a bit of a blur!! ha ha!

What are your dreams for the business?

16391_10151464161126329_667427239_nTo continue to grow the following for The Baby Bible and really establish this new movement in Motherhood into the minds of all mums and mums to be so they know where they can turn to for non-judgmental support in this amazing but chaotic world of Motherhood!  I would also obviously love for the book to be published and it would mean the world to me to be able to work on projects helping to raise awareness of Maternal Mental Health issues.  With this in mind we have launched our first charity event called “The BIG Push” which takes place this August – you can find out more here.

What has been your proudest moment?

Being nominated recently for the MAD Awards from Tots 100 in the categories of Best Writer, Best Baby blog and Best Pregnancy blog.  If any lovely people would like to show their support they can nominate me in the MADS here.

What tips would you give someone else wanting to start their own small business?

“Never give up!”  This is a piece of advice I heard recently that has really resonated with me.  I have been through some of the toughest times of my life over the last couple of years and since starting The Baby Bible, yes there have been some great highs but there have also been some incredible lows which coupled with my illness and trying to raise two small children has left me at times plagued with self-doubt and wondering what the hell I was doing.  However, each time I have brushed myself down and been determined to “never give up” no matter what gets thrown at me!

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