Top tips for staying active with a newborn

Top tips for staying active with a newborn

When you become pregnant you have a choice to make between staying active or allowing the baby to take over completely and sacrificing your health. For many mums the easy option is to relax into parenthood and allow the active lifestyle to subside, but this does not need to be the case. Here we explore how you can stay active with a newborn.

Stay active all day

While it is tempting to sit down with your newborn all day, staying active starts at home. If you gradually increase the time that you spend standing rather than sitting and gradually increase the distances that you walk when running errands, you can get your fitness back quickly following childbirth. A simple goal is to stand up once every 10 minutes and this will quickly help you to regain strength and mobility.

Shorten your exercises

If you’re struggling to fit in a 30 minute exercise in the day then simply break it up. Doing exercise for three sessions of 10 minutes is just as good and will be far easier to fit in as your baby naps. If you’re ready to dive into exercise at any time then you will quickly get fitter.

Prioritise exercise

If you make exercise with your newborn a priority then you can ensure that you find time for it. If it is just something you would like to do, however, then you will not make the time to do it. Prioritise exercise as your ‘me time’ and you’ll find time to complete it.

Use social support

If the idea of taking the pram in and out of the car is too much, then enlist a friend from your parenting club to help. Taking a friend with you for a walk will help you socially and will ensure that you get out too. You can also trade off watching each other’s kids as they get a bit older too and this will help to fit the exercise in.

Believe in your baby

While you won’t take a baby up a mountain in the first few weeks of life, you can take your baby out and about in a pram. If you wrap your baby up warm and prepare some milk then your baby will be fine on the move. Being overprotective can harm your active lifestyle, so keep moving and take the baby with you.