5 top tips for getting out and about with your new baby

5 top tips for getting out and about with your new baby

One of the most trickiest aspects of being a new mum is getting out and about with your baby. There is so much to pack and so much to remember that it can be somewhat overwhelming. Well, don’t worry, as below we share five top tips to help you get out of the house in the morning with your new baby.

1. The changing bag

The changing bag is your friend. It should contain nappies, baby wipes, vests, baby grows, and snacks. Additional items can include bottles and formula (if bottle feeding), plus a flask. Just be sure to keep this bag fully stocked so that it can be used at the drop of a hat.

2. Get ready the day before

Preparation is key when you have a newborn. Get your clothes, your baby’s clothes and any outer wear ready the night before. Doing so will allow you to simply get up, change and feed your baby, have your own breakfast, get dressed, and then you are ready to face your day!

3. Have a drink and snacks bag

The drink and snack bag will also be your best friend. As your baby gets older you can include healthy snacks such as rice cakes, dried fruit and bread sticks, plus bottled water. Be sure to include snacks and drinks for yourself too.

4. The sling is your friend

You don’t always need a pram. If you just want to pop out to the local shop, or perhaps for a brisk walk, then use a sling or baby carrier. They take a little practice to use, and it’s always best to practice with a doll or teddy bear, but once you start using them, you’ll be surprised at the freedom they give you.

5. Have a purpose

It’s always good to have a purpose for getting out of the house. This gives you much needed motivation. Meet up with a friend for coffee, go to a local parenting group, attend a baby yoga class, or start baby jogging. Just remember to enjoy your time with your baby.

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Photo: by kourtlynlott licensed under Creative commons 2