Easy sensory activities for babies

Easy sensory activities for babies

As a mum it can often feel like Groundhog Day when it comes to your daily routine with your baby, even if you try to go out often. When you do find yourself at home it can seem scary to try a sensory activity with your baby, especially the thought of getting messy!

However, these five activities don’t require anything more than you already have in your cupboards:

Spaghetti play

Playing with plain cooked spaghetti is a great sensory activity, it’s also brilliant for trailing through small blobs of paint on a large piece of paper to create some art. When your baby is older, you can use food colouring to make rainbow spaghetti.

Rice play

The texture of uncooked rice is really appealing to babies and they will love the feeling of it trickling through their fingers. You could put out a range of different sized tubs so that they can move the rice between them, or try hiding some toys in a pile of rice for them to find.

Discovery bottles

Find an empty drink bottle and make sure it is clean and dried thoroughly inside and out. You can then fill it with lots of exciting things for your baby to discover – rice is great for making a musical instrument (risotto rice is brilliant for this), try coloured water with a sprinkle of glitter, or perhaps some shells, leaves or other small things that your baby can look at through the plastic. For all of these, make sure you screw the lid on tight and perhaps wind some masking tape around the join!

Cotton wool balls

These have a unique texture and are great for practising motor skills, such as picking them up and throwing them. They also don’t taste great so are unlikely to be eaten a lot!

Cloud dough

This is edible dough that is really easy and cheap to make, plus washes out easily! Combine 50ml of cooking oil with 400g of plain flour and mix well to form a dough. It makes quite a crumbly dough, but it will stick together when it’s mushed.

Sensory play is a great way to help your baby interact with the wider world from the comfort of your home, and also helps build important motor skills. As always, remember not to leave your baby unsupervised when trying out these activities.