Tips for decorating a nursery that will grow with your child

Tips for decorating a nursery that will grow with your child

Preparing for a child is an exciting time. One of the aspects that many people love to do is decorating the baby room. It’s the one room in the house where you can decorate with joy and whimsy. With a few clever choices, you can create a perfect bedroom space that will grow with your child so you won’t need to redecorate every couple of years.

Choose a neutral colour

The first step is to pick your colour palette. Parents used to reach for the pastel pink or pastel blue, but if you don’t know the gender, or if you want something that will grow with your child, it’s best to choose something more neutral. A huge trend at the moment is layering grey tones with yellow or green hues. Using bold patterns on the curtains or rug means you can easily update the look as your child gets older.

Pick versatile furniture

All parenting blogs will tell you the same thing! Make sure you pick furniture that will grow with your child. This means choosing a cot that will one day turn into a bed and choosing an armchair where mum or dad can do the night feeds. Things like changing tables might seem sensible at the time, but you’ll soon find that they are useless once your child is potty trained. Instead, you should opt for a wide chest of drawers with a safety rail and baby changing mat on top.

Decorate with accents

If you want to be able to update the baby room quickly and easily, try decorating with accents. This means using things like bunting, framed prints and bold bedding to make a statement rather than relying on the walls to do all the work. Framed prints make a wonderful and stimulating addition to any baby room.

Focus on lighting

New mums will tell you that the main light in the baby room is rarely used. Instead, look to create zones of light with lamps and night lights. Lighting can also be decorative, such as using large light up letters on the wall or choosing a bold lamp shade that ties in with your theme.

Decorating a baby room doesn’t have to be pricey for mummy or daddy. Shop around before making any big purchases as you may be able to find coupons and discounts on your favourite items. Alternatively, look for high-quality second-hand items to save some money.

Photo: Nursery by Nathan & Jenny licensed under Creative commons 2