A new mum’s guide to introducing their dog to their baby

A new mum’s guide to introducing their dog to their baby

It’s only natural that as a new mum you might feel a little apprehensive about introducing your dog to your newborn baby. After all, it’s likely that your pooch has always been the apple of your eye – but now your focus and energy will largely be on your newborn. It will no doubt be important to you that the two hit it off from day one. Luckily, if you take the right steps you can ensure that your four-legged friend adapts to the new member of the family without any trouble. Here are three ways you can accomplish this.

Prepare your dog

You don’t want to surprise your dog by just walking in the room with a new baby in tow. Instead, you should prepare your dog for the new presence. You can do this by allowing your dog to smell an item – such as a blanket – that has the baby’s scent on it. This will take away some of your dog’s curiosity, ultimately making the introduction run just that much smoother when your child is home from the hospital.

Let them meet

Don’t make the mistake of trying to keep your dog and baby separate during those first few days. After all, it’s inevitable that they’ll meet at some point – and you’ll only risk making your dog anxious if you delay the introduction. For the best results, have your dog be walked beforehand to relieve some of the energy from its system. You should find this makes your pet too tired to fuss the baby for too long before getting bored.

Pay attention to both

Your child will undoubtedly come first in your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t sneak some cuddles in with your dog. Let your pooch know that just because you’re a mama doesn’t mean that they should feel threatened or forced to vie for your attention. This will prevent your dog from coming to resent your baby over time.

Good luck!

You should find that your first few days as a new mummy are that much more pleasant when you don’t have to worry about your dog and your baby getting off on the wrong foot. For similar tips on adapting to motherhood – as well as great money-saving coupons – check out Your Baby Club.