Yes, you can ask for help as a new mum

Yes, you can ask for help as a new mum

It’s commendable that a lot of new mums want to prove that they’re cut out to handle motherhood alone. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help after giving birth. Your support network – whether it’s your own parents, your best friend or even a neighbour – will generally be more than happy to assist you, so don’t feel that you have to turn them away in your time of need. Here’s a reminder of why you CAN ask for help after welcoming your little bundle of joy.


There’s no need to be ashamed that you’re not Wonder Woman. In fact, you don’t even need to be to be a great mummy! Asking for help need not be seen as a sign of weakness, but more so a realisation that motherhood – especially the first few weeks – can be tricky. You shouldn’t think that it’s any reflection on your abilities or allow it to dent your pride just because you turn to someone for support.


You risk your health taking a hit if you wear yourself too thin in the early days of motherhood. After all, this is a time when you’ll be skipping meals and experiencing sleepless nights. A weak immune system won’t do you any good at this point – not to mention that it will have an impact on how well you can look after your newborn. Thankfully you can steer clear of illness by accepting help and relieving yourself of some of the load.


According to the charity Action for Children, 52% of new mums find themselves suffering from feelings of isolation after giving birth. This is put down to being on maternity leave and having limited time to socialise with others. You’re inviting people into your life when you allow them to help with your baby – ultimately meaning that you can share conversation and grow relationships at an important time in your life.

Help awaits!

No one expects you to completely hit the ground running as a new mum. Motherhood is a learning curve that even the best mummies can struggle to adapt to. If you’re keen to find other tips that should help you to rise to the challenge after giving birth, be sure to check out Your Baby Club.