Proven life hacks for first time mums

Proven life hacks for first time mums

Becoming a mum for the first time is a crazy ride. It’s the steepest learning curve you’ll ever find yourself on, with a rollercoaster of emotions to match. But with these proven life hacks you can be a real life yummy mummy, not a complete wreck!

Always carry baby wipes

Not only are baby wipes great for mucky faces and hands – yours and your baby – but they can also remove just about any stain, spruce up a leather settee, wipe down a favourite toy and keep dust at bay. Pop a pack in the refrigerator to keep you and baby fresh during the summer. And use a baby wipe to give your yoga mat a quick once over!

Organise your must haves

An over the door shoe holder makes a superb baby organiser. Stuff the pockets with baby wipes, lotion, nappy sacks and bottom balm. You’ll keep all the essentials close at hand and feel like a pro when you’ve never changed a nappy.

Baby proofing with a noodle

Swimming noodles are genius for keeping new babies safe. All that foam is ideal for baby proofing sharp corners or stopping toys from rolling under the sofa. Slide a noodle under the bottom sheet in baby’s cot to keep them safely on their back or add to the cot rails for extra safety.

Make feeding a breeze

We all know the mantra breast is best, but there can be so much to remember with a baby brain! Give your memory a boost by using an old silicone wristband that you swap from wrist to wrist to remind you which breast to use next, or try magnetic ribbon mammary minders that clip on your bra. Carry baby in a sling or wear two tank tops to make breastfeeding on the go easy and discreet. Painful breasts? Then the old wives knew best – tuck a couple of cool cabbage leaves into your bra to ease the soreness.

Reach out for support

No first-time mum is completely alone. At Your Baby Club we can help you get the best out of all the offers and advice out there, so why not create an account for coupon offers, samples and news of the latest baby discounts to help you make the most out of life as a new mum?