New mums shouldn’t be pressured to entertain visitors

New mums shouldn’t be pressured to entertain visitors

The vast majority of new mums would love nothing more than to shout from the rooftops about their new arrival. Sadly, many just can’t muster the energy in between giving birth and adjusting to motherhood. This doesn’t mean that you should be pressured into accepting visitors before you’re ready to do so. While it’s only natural that your family and friends will want to pop by to see your little bundle of joy, you should remember that the needs of you and your baby come first. With this in mind, here’s why it’s okay to keep visitors at bay after giving birth.


Everything you know about eating and sleeping tends to fly out of the window when you give birth. Instead, you’re forced to scavenge for the odd moment when you can make yourself a meal or a suitable time to let yourself drift off. Unfortunately, a knock at the door can delay these plans – making it hard for you to grab some precious ‘me time’ because you’re entertaining guests. This can severely hinder your ability to get into a good routine that benefits both you and your child.


The focus should be on your newborn baby when you bring him or her home from the hospital – not on cleaning the house and making it presentable for others. You could find that you’re distracted by errands such as tidying up or doing a load of washing because you know people are on their way round. This, of course, isn’t where your attention should lie.


The average new mum is suffering from a weakened immune system after giving birth. This is down to several reasons, not least the stress of labour. Of course, it’s imperative that you maintain your health in those first few weeks of motherhood. This aim can be compromised when you’re stressed about people popping in at a moment’s notice. In some cases, such visitors might even unknowingly bring illnesses and infections with them.

Keep visitors at bay

Don’t for one moment feel pressured to welcome guests when you’re not feeling up to it. After all, there’s plenty of time to introduce your baby to others when he or she is a few weeks older. For other tips that will come in handy for mums, check out Your Baby Club.