How to successfully navigate the world of baby groups

How to successfully navigate the world of baby groups

‘So what groups are you taking your baby to?’

If you’re a new parent, you’ll have probably been asked this question. A lot. Increasingly, baby groups are being viewed as an integral part of the baby years, offering your little one its first foray into the big wide world and giving you a welcome chance to socialise with other adults.

But which ones should you choose? And do you really need to be going to them at all?

It only takes a quick internet search to realise just how many baby groups are out there. From traditional mums and tots groups in church halls to trendy yoga and French classes, choosing the right group can seem baffling.

It’s always good to remember that, like most things in parenthood, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to deciding what suits you best.

For a small fee, local mums and tots groups allow you to drop-in for a well-earned cup of tea and chat whilst your child can play with a suitable range of toys or take part in activities such as painting or messy play that you may not want to do at home. However, if making small talk with people you don’t know isn’t your thing, you may benefit from a more structured class.

There’s plenty of choice out there, with signing, music and massage classes being amongst the most popular. Lots of these classes boast benefits like language development and better developed social skills. In these classes, the focus will be on your baby, with little time for chit-chat with other mums. You and your child will be guided through a series of activities, which you should hopefully both enjoy. Be aware, more structured groups often require you to book a block of lessons, which some parents can find too binding.

If you find a group that you and your little one like, that’s great, but if baby groups aren’t your thing, that’s fine too. The most important thing is for you and your baby to enjoy the time you have together, wherever that may be.