New mums shouldn’t strive for the sound of silence

New mums shouldn’t strive for the sound of silence

You’ll come to miss the sound of silence when you become a mum. While motherhood is a joy like no other, it can also mark the end of your beloved peace and quiet. This is OK. In fact, it would be wrong for you to strive towards silence – especially in those first few weeks after giving birth. Even though it might not seem like it, a bit of noise can actually be good for you and your baby. Here are three ways it can help.


The average newborn sleeps between 16 and 17 hours each day. It’s important that you make them comfortable – but not at all necessary to uphold complete silence. After all, your new son or daughter will still sleep even when you’re talking on the phone or listening to the radio. If you don’t maintain some noise, then your child could grow to become a light sleeper who wakes up to the slightest noise.


You’ll be running low on sleep and energy after your pregnancy. A small nap followed by a cup of coffee might have some effect, but it’s no guarantee that you’ll remain awake and alert throughout the day. On the other hand, sound – whether it’s the radio or the television – can make you feel more alert, which can better prepare you for looking after your baby even when you’re feeling tired.


Between maternity leave and taking a rain check on social gatherings, you might feel like you’ve lost a sense of normality in your life. Don’t worry, this will come back when your baby is just a little bit older. In the meantime, you shouldn’t be afraid to grasp hold of normality by watching television, listening to music or chatting on the phone. Even if these pastimes do make noise, it’s noise that’s well worth it if it makes you feel like yourself again.

A sound idea!

Silence might sound like an attractive option, but just know that it won’t always be helping you or your baby in the ways that you think it is. Therefore, let there be sound! If you’ll soon be a new mummy and are eager to find similar tips that will help you make a success of motherhood, check out Your Baby Club.