Three ways social media can aid new mums

Three ways social media can aid new mums

It’s hard to avoid social media in 2018. After all, it’s a great tool for people of all ages – and even new mums can stand to benefit from using sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. While you might be hard-pressed to find the time to log on to these platforms in those first few weeks of motherhood, when you do get around to it you should find them to be all sorts of help as you adapt to life with a baby in tow. With this in mind, here are three ways that social media can aid new mums.


Social media can open you up to a world of thoughtful conversations and amusing anecdotes without the need for you to step foot out of the house. It’s just the right amount of interaction to keep you in touch with the rest of the world after your pregnancy. A chat – even a digital one – can really improve your frame of mind when you’re focusing all your energy on being a good mother.


Who wouldn’t want to see your little bundle of joy? Thankfully you can celebrate the birth of your baby by sharing pictures of your little one with your friends and family on social media. It’s a great way to give the world a glimpse of your new arrival without having to make time for visitors. Be sure to first check your privacy settings if you’re concerned about other users seeing pictures of your newborn.


Admittedly your sleeping habits will probably fly right out of the window when you’ve got an adorable tot waking you up at all hours. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to go channel-surfing until you find a half decent television show to watch. Instead, you can just log on to social media. The platforms never sleep, so there’s always something to read, watch or look at.

Give it a go!

Scrolling through sites like Facebook and Twitter might not seem like the best use of your time when you’re a new mum, but it can actually be beneficial for helping you through those first few months of parenthood. For similar tips to aid you during this period, be sure to check out Your Baby Club.