Flooding Stops Parents Taking Newborn Daughter Home

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A couple from Fishlake, Doncaster, have been forced to look after their newborn daughter at the home of the mother’s parents after flooding meant they were unable to reach their own home.

Dan Greenslade, 34, and Jade Croft, 29, feared the worst after seeing the impact the flooding had on Sheffield on Thursday, and then on Thursday night, Jade went into labour. Talking about the ordeal, father Dan said “My sister lives over the road and she was evacuated while we were in hospital. [...] We have had to rely on friends dropping off old baby clothes for her to wear.”

Flooding In Fishlake
Dan and Jade's Home Underwater. Image Credits: SWNS

The biggest issue had by the couple regarding their situation was the lack of communication they had received from authorities that could have warned them, Dan explained “We just don’t know what is going on. We have not heard anything from the council or the Environment Agency, nobody is replying to us. We don’t know how long we will be out of the house.[...] By the time we had a flood warning and sandbags were given out, we were already flooded.”

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The couple have not yet been able to go back to their home, which they had recently invested £5000 into for renovation, instead, being forced to stay with Jade’s parents at their home in Hatfield. Many of the other 700 residents who were told to leave their homes have taken shelter in the area’s pub and church, as they lie above the rest of the town and have therefore been lesser affected by the flooding. Rescue crews have been called in from across the country to assist with the flooding situation, as many places, including Fishlake, have been left cut off as high water levels have made roads impassable.

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