Halloween 2020: 3 Top Trick or Treat Alternatives


With Halloween being a little less social this year, many may be wondering how to keep the spooky October spirit alive for their kids. With trick or treating a no-go thanks to social distancing, and parties a complete impossibility, we decided to put together some ideas for parents to give their kids their usual Halloween fun despite the current circumstances, so buckle up, get your spooky Halloween spirit back, and get ready for some kickass lockdown Halloween fun!

The Pumpkin Trail

Many, many months ago when lockdown first began, some may remember a lovely little trend among families where their kids would create rainbows and put them on their windowsills so that passers-by could see, and consequently made a fun game for little children who were out with their family to see who could count the most rainbows on their journey, well this Halloween, it's back with a spooky twist! 

Instead of rainbows, this Halloween, why not get your child to create their own pumpkin display for your window, whether it's a coloured in pumpkin, or for the more skilled among parents, a properly carved pumpkin, there are loads of creative things you can do to show the public your not letting Halloween go by like the last six months have and are keeping your spirits up!

We at Your Baby Club absolutely love this idea! and so to help you with this great little creative venture, we got our design team to put together a couple of wonderful templates you can save and print for your children to colour in, so whether it's a pumpkin they like, or if they'd rather be creative with a witch, we have a template to get them started. Rather than doing the not-so-covid-friendly door to door trick-or-treating, you can instead take your child out counting pumpkins. For every pumpkin they count, the same as if you were to knock on their door, you give them one sweet to add to their pillowcase/bucket. If you have multiple children, you can even turn this into a competition - who can count the most! Not only does this help them practise counting, but also keeps them, you, and others safe.

your baby club halloween colouring page pumpkin witch

DOWNLOAD the Pumpkin Template HERE!

DOWNLOAD the Witch Template HERE!

Halloween Walks

This may initially sound very similar to my previous idea, however, another great idea being put together by many country parks, castles, and other public spaces are Halloween walks and trails. All these walks need are some sensible clothing, the tracking sheet for the walk (this is sometimes an app depending on where you go) and a great sense of imagination! 

With a combination of nature, family time, and some Halloween spookiness, these walks can provide a great opportunity to get outside and into the Halloween spirit, without the guaranteed sugar crash that comes after a nights trick or treating! 

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, then why not make up your own trail to entertain your kids. Go to a supposedly spooky location, take them for a little wander and get them to keep an eye out for either some naturally eerie and unnatural things in the forest, or, if you want to go the extra mile, plant some things in hidden locations beforehand for them to find as prizes. 

To find some great opportunities for Halloween walks and events, why not check out the National Trust's best ideas for this time of year here.

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Spooky Night In 

If none of the above take your fancy, or the weather is typically October-like, then why not have an indoor Halloween party of your own! Scary movies, decorations, and if you want you could even bake some positively scary cookies to really get into the October spirit with your little ones. Classic activities such as pumpkin carving or baking are always on the table and if you want you could even go out on a pumpkin to see if you can find any of the pumpkins mentioned earlier in your neighbourhood if you want to see who isn't letting lockdown be the spookiest thing in 2020!

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