Your Pregnancy at Week 16

by Your Baby Club

What is your singing voice like? Do you know that your baby can now hear you when you are singing in the shower! All the noises on the outside world are travelling through and your baby will be hearing the muffled noises of everyday life.

Don’t worry though if your singing voice could scare cats - your baby loves the sound of your voice and of those in regular contact with. A study of 120 women showed that singing to your baby when pregnant can result in a calmer baby!

Your baby is growing fast! Muscles are growing stronger, enabling them to stretch out a bit more. Their face is now complete with eyelashes and eyebrows and their eyes are making small movements left to right and can notice light through their still-sealed eyelids. What’s more, your baby will be more sensitive to touch, so touching or poking your belly may cause him to react!


Everyone feels their baby at different stages but you may be starting to feel tiny flutters of movement as your baby continues to flex its muscles. Don’t worry if you haven’t felt anything yet - at 10-11cm long your baby is still small, so it may be a while yet!

Nothing much will have changed for you this week. You may be seeing an increase in bump size but other than that it is business as usual!

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