A Week of Tom Hardy Reading Bedtime Stories? Yes Please!

by Laura Driver

We have some excellent news, a glint of joy in an otherwise Groundhog Day existence during the lockdown and something to look forward to. No, we have not found a magical potion to stop small children asking for their toast to be cut into triangles when you’ve already presented them with squares. Nor have we discovered the secret to keeping toddlers in their bed for an entire night.

Our news is that Tom Hardy will be reading CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories every evening for a WHOLE week! Yes, you read that right, Tom Hardy in your living room at the end of each tiring day.

Self-isolation has to have some perks and we think this is one of THE best. What better than sitting down with your little ones for a lovely story with Tom each evening. Lulling you, we mean, your little ones, to sleep. Let’s face it, it’s as much for us as it is for them.

As an added bonus Tom will be reading alongside his beautiful French bulldog Blue for some of the stories and we get to see Tom’s home as due to social distancing he’ll be reading each story in his garden. Tom Hardy AND his dog, it just keeps getting better.

Tom Hardy made his debut on CBeebies in 2016 and since then his stories have played more than a million times on BBC IPlayer.

Each story aims to have a moral that will be useful for children who may be struggling in lockdown. The first story which is a HUGE hit in our house is Hug Me by Simone Ciraolo. It teaches the importance of feeling sad and needing affection.

“Sometimes on a day like this, I feel strong and happy. But on other days, I just need somebody to give me a hug. Tonight’s bedtime story is all about a little cactus called Felipe, who just wants a hug too” Tom tells viewers. At times like this, we could agree more, Tom.

Tom will also read Under The Same Sky, by Robert Vescio and Nicky Johnston about two children on opposite sides of the world and long-distance friendship; There’s A Tiger In The Garden by Lizzy Stewart about the power of imagination to take you anywhere; Don’t Worry, Little Crab by Chris Haughton about mustering the courage to try new things and The Problem With Problems by Rachel Rooney and Zehra Hicks.

Cheryl Taylor, head of content for BBC Children’s, said: ‘It goes without saying how thrilled we are to have Tom reading more stories for us. ‘It’s during challenging times like this that the BBC serves its purpose to entertain the whole of the UK and these new stories are guaranteed to do just that, with their themes of long-distance friendship, problems shared, and true courage in overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.’

‘Tom Week’, as it’s being affectionately called, starts on Monday 27th of April and lasts until Friday the 1st of May with a different story each day.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories airs weekdays at 6.50pm on CBeebies and BBC Player


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Written by

Laura Driver

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