Your Pregnancy at Week 25

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Although you are still feeling reasonably energetic your bump may be starting to make you feel a little breathless which can be caused by your baby taking up more room but also by anaemia. You will have a blood test at 28 weeks to check that your iron levels are ok but if you find that you are really struggling it may be worth speaking to your GP.

Haemorrhoids are a horrible side effect of pregnancy. Again caused by the added pressure of your baby on your digestive system – couple this with some constipation and you may find yourself suffering. Make sure you keep hydrated and have lots of fibre. This should hopefully keep your stools soft so you won’t need to strain.

It is difficult not to stress about weight gain especially in the second trimester when baby is piling on the ounces. Try to eat in moderation and take some regular light exercise.

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One major milestone your baby will have made during this week is that they will be able to begin practicing breathing. This comes due to their nose being developed enough that it starts working. Breathing will be a key skill for them early on to keep their little organs working in the real world so they are getting their practice in early to be ready, despite this, their lungs will still only be developing meaning they are not quite yet for the real thing yet.

A slightly odd thing to be considering now is improving your dental regime. It has been said that by doing this, you reduce the chance of gingivitis, which left untreated can lead to periodontitis, which has shown to have links to premature births and also increased chance of preeclampsia, so time to give your daily routine a service to make sure you’re giving those teeth the proper treatment.

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