Your Pregnancy at Week 23

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You should be well and truly feeling those kicks now as your little one practices his martial arts. Still lots of room to kick around in so those feelings should be much more pronounced as his arms and legs get stronger and stronger.

Be careful what you say as baby is listening to every word! He will get used to daily sounds and will recognise your favourite music and the sound of yours and your partner’s voice.

As you head towards the end of the second trimester you may start to experience some practice contractions also known as “Braxton Hicks”. These tightenings can be a little alarming at first as your stomach can go rock hard. However, they shouldn’t be too painful and should come and go at irregular intervals.


This week marks the point where a large amount of weight growth will likely begin for your baby, with their weight likely doubling over the next four or so weeks, with this will come some saggy skin due to this developing faster than fat, but in their face a pinky red hue will emerge thanks to the development of veins and arteries close underneath.

Something you could try at this stage is listening to your baby’s heartbeat through a stethoscope, this may be difficult due to the need to find a the precise point which, lets face it, isn’t exactly huge at the minute, but this can be a great comfort and an easy way to appreciate just how much your baby has grown and just how far along you are.

A new thing you may notice around this time is some skin discoloration occurring between your belly button and pubic area, this is, like with many pregnancy symptoms, as a result of various pregnancy hormones, and may also be responsible for various other skin discolourations you are seeing. Do not worry, however, as these discolourations will fade a few months after delivery.

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