COVID-19 Victim Gives Birth on Ventilator and Baby Survives!

by Laura Driver

On April the 1st Megan Sites, from Ohio, aged 27 went to her local emergency department in Ohio. At 7 months pregnant with her second child she was struggling to breathe and couldn’t lie flat. After a test for Coronavirus came back positive, she was put on a ventilator while she was still awake. Megan said she felt the tube scratching her trachea as it was inserted.

Later she was transferred to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton where her condition briefly improved. The ventilator was removed but then within a couple of days, her condition worsened again.

Megan has said she was unable to see her husband Donny, her parents, in-laws, or friends because of hospital restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. “I had a few breakdown moments. I told myself, “This is it; I’m not going to make it through” she said. “Everything in my body, it hurt to breathe, to move, to cough, to anything, it hurt.”

She asked the hospital staff if she could go back on the ventilator, but this time she wanted to be sedated. On April the 8th doctors told Megan’s husband that the ventilator could help her get her pregnancy to 30 weeks. However, 20 minutes later he received a devastating telephone call from doctors that his wife’s lung had collapsed.

To save her, doctors said they had to deliver the baby the next day. Sites had to undergo extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (EMCO), which is a ‘near-last resort’ device that temporarily replaces the heart and lungs of patients, according to Dr Suzanne Bennett, a UC Health critical care anesthesiologist. UC Health had reportedly never put a pregnant woman on an EMCO machine, but Sites was a good candidate.

Megan was then flown with the EMCO machine by helicopter to Miami Valley Hospital where she underwent a caesarean section to deliver her son at 29 weeks and six days. The baby was then taken to a neonatal intensive care unit. When Megan woke up, she had no recollection of the delivery because of the sedation. She said “I have had a lot of hallucinations from that time…but the actual EMCO treatment, I don’t recall any of that”.

She now credits her medical team and the EMCO treatment for saving her life after she said her husband was told she had less than a 40% chance at survival. “It’s a miracle that I’m sitting here talking to you now” she said.

After ten days, Megan was finally able to see her baby, who the couple have named Jameson. Doctors have said that Jameson, who is still in the NICU, is healthy with no signs of coronavirus which is a relief and he should be able to come home in four to five weeks.

Megan said “There are no words. There’s no way to show them the appreciation they deserve. It’s surreal” she said of her medical team.

We couldn’t agree more, what a scary time it must have been. Good luck to Megan, her husband Donny and big sister Reign. We hope Jameson can come home soon.


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Written by

Laura Driver

Blogger & Social Media Manager
Laura lives in Yorkshire, UK with her two teenage children. When they were little (and definitely not taller than her) she used to blog avidly about the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Laura is no stranger to all the joys small children can bring; sleepless nights, a random public meltdown or a spectacular poonami. She fondly remembers the time her youngest child rolled across a supermarket carpark in a trolley while she was putting her eldest child in the car and the time her, then, three year old took up swearing at a church event. Laura has worked for Your Baby Club, as a Social Media Manager, since 2014.

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