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The Micralite GetGo and Silver Cross Car Seat Bundle is a complete travel system set that comes with easy component changing, dynamic 4-wheel suspension, Adjustable calf support, 5kg of basket space, an adjustable handlebar, rain resistance and suitability all the way from birth up to 22kg

When buying the GetGo, you can choose what you do and don't need, with options to buy just the stroller, the stroller with the car seat, the stroller with the carrycot, or the complete bundle, and everything included can be bought at a later date via their website if you are unsure as to what you need or change your mind at a later date. 

Micralite GetGo Review 





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Best For? 

All-Terrain - a great all-rounder tackles bumps and corners with complete ease and “nifty” style with no strain, tackles typical English weather come rain or shine.

Pros & Cons 

Pros - Modern, fantastic 360-degree steering wheels, lovely basket space below, handy cup holder, included sunshade/rain cover, puncture-proof wheels, vegan leather, bamboo fabrics, high quality, good handle height adjustments for a partner, parent and world facing option, handy front zip punch to put your phone/purse in, easy to manoeuver, fits in small cars!

Cons - Only comes in one colour-way option, handle adjustment clips are hard to click down/up, heavier than preferred when folded with seat, the rain cover is a little short, carrycot sold separately, instructions only include pictures (some words would have been handy)

Micralite GetGo Specifications


Handle with 9 adjustable positions

Extendable hood and sunshade 

Reversible seat

Adjustable calf support

Dynamic 4-wheel suspension

Self-standing when folded


Adjustable 5-point safety harness

Specifics, Weight & Dimensions

Unfolded Dimensions - L72cm x W59cm x H89-105cm 

Folded Dimensions - L76cm x W59cm x H38cm

Weight - 10.8kg

Suitability - Birth to 22kg

Basket Storage - 5kg

Sun protection level - UPF50

GetGo Price 

The price point of the GetGo alone (not in a bundle) is £495.00

What's in the box 

GetGo stroller, GetGo Carrycot, Simplicity Plus Infant Carrier, GetGo Silver Cross Car Seat Adaptors, Reversible machine-washable liner, Bumper Bar, Buggy Basket, Shoulder Strap, Cup Holder, Rain Cover



Accessories Available 

Cosy Pack Carbon, GetGo Silver Cross Car Seat Adaptors, GetGo Universal Car Seat Adapters 

The Parent Test 

Hiya, I'm Amber. I'm a 26-year-old dog groomer and I'm 31 pregnant with my first baby (a little boy!) My partner and I live in a small 2 bedroom house in a little town with all-terrain walks and destinations, that may be pavement walks or a bit more “off-road” country walks.

Being a first-time mum feels like a bit of a minefield with lots to process, learn and get to grips with and that's before the baby is even here, I won't sugarcoat the reality of that.

Looking for our ideal pram was one of my biggest worries as I really wasn't sure what we needed as a new family and the kinds of things that would tick our boxes. With lots on the market, the same brands kept coming up.

I'm really excited to be able to share my honest thoughts and review on the Micralite GetGo as a complete system ( pram with a child seat, car seat with simplicity Isofix base and the carrycot too as an added extra)


First Impressions 

When the Micralite GetGo arrived and we opened the box the first thing I was really impressed with was actually how well packaged it was! Everything was very secure and wrapped up safely and there were no faults/damage whatsoever.

Separately pulling the parts out everything felt very lightweight which was fantastic.

This is the first pram I've owned or in fact, put together but was really pleased with how straightforward it was it almost had the “everything has its own place slot” however the instructions are clear enough but perhaps a little too vague, I think some words explaining what each part is and where it goes would be really helpful especially for a first-timer like myself.

The pram itself without a carrycot is suitable for ages up to 4 years or 22kg (whichever comes first) and with carrycot is suitable from birth too. The child seat does lay fairly flat but for me personally, I'd be more comfortable using it with the carrycot in the newborn stages.


Once assembled the pram felt extremely sturdy and I immediately felt confident standing with it. One of my favourite features is the 360-degree swivel front wheels it makes it so nifty and can tackle even the tightest of corners, you can give it a well deserved 360° spin in one place, the puncture-proof tyres made me feel even more confident to go out in all weather/ grounds. The front swivel wheels also have their own locks on each tyre keeping the pram that extra bit safe. As well as the main break that you easily lift up or push down with your foot.


Folding, Unfolding, Storage & Lifting 

Pulling the 2 small leavers upwards on either side of the chassis below the handlebar and pushing in the one-button allows the chassis to gently collapse. I found with the child seat attached the pram was perhaps a little heavier than I'd like however without the seat it was much lighter and more manageable. In our small home, the pram folded up takes up next to no space which is fantastic for our lifestyle and being short of space.

To unfold you simply lift off the leaver holding the chassis securely together hold the handlebar and lift. It easily opens up without a struggle. Collapsing the pram can be done with or without the child seat being attached.

Travel System Component Change 

Attaching the child seat is extremely easy, you don't need separate adapters for this. You simply line up the attachments on the child seat with the built-in attachments on the chassis and with a click it's in! You can lower the child seat or have it sat more upright and also have it either parent or world facing by simply lifting the seat off whilst holding the lever on the back of the seat and turning it around clicking it back in as previously said,

Although my car wont be the main car we use I did want to mention that the Micralite GetGo in fact FITS! In my small Peugeot 107 sportium boot with wheels and child seat attached.

And the car seat can be used without the Isofix base in my car also for them “just in case” or “if I had to it would fit” moments, primarily the car we will be using is my partner's BMW 1 series.

Comfort & Ease of Use

Opening the packaging I could instantly tell the breathable bamboo material was extremely high quality and soft. I can only imagine our little one will be very comfortable here. The vegan leather handle was an extra added bonus that just made the pram feel even more well thought out in the manufacturing process (you can tell lots of thought had gone into meeting customers needs)


The pram itself without a carrycot is suitable for ages up to 4 years or 22kg (whichever comes first) and with carrycot is suitable from birth too. The child seat does lay fairly flat but for me personally, I'd be more comfortable using it with the carrycot in the newborn stages.

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