Your Pregnancy at Week 26

by Your Baby Club

It is not known exactly why pregnant women are more prone to leg cramps but you may find yourself suffering with this unpleasant muscle contraction – especially during the night. Try getting your partner to flex your foot back towards you to relax the muscles. Gentle leg and ankle rotations before bed may also help.​

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This week’s big baby milestone is that their eyes will now be open! The retina now being fully developed, your little one can now see the, admittedly limited, world around them in your uterus, which will make the big wide world they are soon to enter all the more interesting for them.

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One thing you may notice once your baby is born is that their eye colour may actually change, this is perfectly normal, and any changes will normally have occurred by the six month mark.

Unfortunately at this stage of the pregnancy, one thing you may begin to notice is an increase in insomnia, which is the last thing you’ll need! Some things you can try to tackle this include daytime exercise/fresh air, as well as limiting liquids before you go to sleep.

Another thing that may not help this is that your baby is in the process of learning various movements they will need when they enter the real world, for example pedaling (which will eventually evolve into walking) and stretching.

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