Gifts to take a New Mum in Hospital

by Samara Shahzad

A new baby arrives and it is a wonderful, joyous occasion for everyone involved. There has been months and months of preparation for the baby’s arrival. Family and friends have bought numerous gifts, parents have bought everything from baby monitors to nappies to travel systems. Everyone is baby obsessed. And quite rightly so. Finally, the big day arrives and everyone rushes to the hospital and the baby is bombarded with soft cuddly thousand congratulatory balloons.

But there is another person who has worked extremely hard for nine months and is tired beyond imagination when the baby arrives: the mum. The mum has gone through numerous hours of labour and all the pain it involves and is flat out exhausted. I can empathise as I’ve been through this myself - twice. I, therefore, wanted to write this article about gifts you can take to the hospital for a mum to a newborn baby.

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The Gift of your time and support

When I had both my children, I was elated. However, after the initial euphoria, all I wanted to do was sleep. I still remember after my second child was born, my sister-in-law was visiting and I was so tired, I actually fell asleep mid-conversation. My sister-in-law being there was the best gift I could have asked for at the time. So my first suggestion for a gift to a new mum is to give her your time. My sister-in-law looked after my little whilst I slept for an hour or two. She took care of the baby and changed his first nappy as I was conked out. I will be forever grateful because I remember how tired I was. So rather than taking flowers, ask a new mum what you can do to help. The gift of your time and suppler will be so much appreciated.


The Gift of Food

Another very important gift for a mum to a newborn is food. All I wanted to do after giving birth was sleep and eat. Childbirth drains your energy like nothing else, so you want to replenish your resources so someone bringing you a nice home-cooked meal or food hamper full of nourishing goodies is a like a Godsend. Obviously, bear in mind that Mum may be breastfeeding, so ensure that whatever food you take isn’t spicy and considerate of any allergies.

Think of the food the new mother would like and think of things that will give her strength and energy. Something like protein balls/bars full of yummy goodness that will provide strength and energy. Or nice food hampers full of nutritious foods and some delicious treats in there too. This gift would make a new mum seriously happy. Let's be honest, hospital food isn’t the best. If you add a nice dessert into your food gifts, you’ll be sure to be a new Mums best friend.

The Gift of Being Pampered

Every woman (unless you’re the Duchess of Cambridge) looks and feels rough, tired and exhausted after childbirth. So a nice gesture would be to take a nice gift voucher for Mum to pamper herself once she gets out. A facial, a haircut or getting her nails done - anything that will make Mum feel better and this also gives the new mum the chance to have a bit of much needed 'me time' when she does get out of the hospital.


The Gift of Self Care

Another great idea is to create a little self-care package/bag for the new Mum. A little pack of nice aromas and skincare. An uplifting room spray, nice hand cream or body lotion, or a favourite lip balm. What little home comforts will make the new Mum happy? Put her favourites in a little bag and help her feel uplifted.

The Gift of Memories 

A really nice present would be an instant camera like an Instax or a Polaroid. Something that you can give to the new Mum so she can instantly capture and keep photos of her precious little one. We all have phones and we are constantly taking photos on them, but to get a polaroid photo of a newborn is something Mum can keep and look at always and also put in a baby book or memory box. The photo will always be a reminder of Baby’s first hours/days and also a reminder of your gift to her.

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