Heinz Donates Thousands of Meals to the NHS

by Laura Driver

Our amazing NHS keyworkers are working tirelessly across the UK. We’ve seen lots of generosity from individuals and large companies during the Coronavirus Pandemic to try to alleviate some of the daily pressure of life outside of work.

A lovely example of this is that Heinz has announced that it will be donating thousands of free snacks and meals to help feed the babies of NHS and frontline workers across the UK.

During the next few weeks, Heinz will be providing more than 170,000 packs and pouches of baby food across the length and breadth of the country, as lockdown continues.

The brand will deliver the savoury pouches, snacks, biscuits, biscotti, jars, tray meals and fruit pouches to over 60 NHS Trusts and healthcare sites, ensuring the people who need the donations most receive them.

The kind gesture is to help save frontline workers valuable time, money and hassle, whilst helping to keep their little ones happy.

Jojo de Noronha, President of Kraft Heinz Northern Europe, said: “Having made baby food for nearly a hundred years - and having seen a crisis or two during that time - Heinz knows how hard it can be to keep feeding your child well during times like these.

“Hopefully this donation of baby food to NHS staff and ambulance workers will help bring a little happiness to their family during a difficult time and goes a little way to showing our appreciation for everything they are doing for us.”

Improving Working Lives Coordinator Charmaine Yankey, Barts Health NHS Trust Public Health Department in London, also commented: "The generous donation we’re about to receive of Heinz Baby food will be massively appreciated. On behalf of Barts Health NHS Trust healthcare professionals and the maternity ward patients, we can’t thank Heinz enough.

"Family mealtime for our healthcare professionals is a really special time, now more than ever, and having this organised for our staff alleviates the worry of what to fix for dinner for their young ones back home."

Well done Heinz, as parents having one less thing to think about after a long stressful shift at work is always welcomed.

Heinz To Home

Heinz has also launched ‘Heinz to Home’, their first-ever UK online shop selling the nation’s favourite canned foods to help feed those struggling to access food essentials.

‘Heinz to Home’ will stock bundles of delicious Heinz varieties made up, initially, of 16 cans: eight x Heinz Beanz, four x Heinz Hoops and four x Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup. They will soon be expanding the product range

Heinz is partnering with Blue Light Card, the UK's number one discount service for NHS, Emergency Services, Social Care Workers and Armed Forces, to ensure all frontline workers receive free postage and packaging and priority shipments on all orders.

The bundles of Heinz Beanz, Hoops and Soup will cost just £10, plus £3.50 postage & packing. Anyone with a Blue Light Card or NHS email will get free delivery, including those working in the NHS, Emergency Services, Armed Forces and Police.


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Written by

Laura Driver

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