Hunter and Aurora Top List of Regretful Baby Names

by Laura Driver

According to a new survey of nearly 6,000 parents a third of them admit they didn't give enough thought to their child's name and three quarters said they regret their choices.

Aurora may have been one of the most popular baby names of 2020 so far, but unfortunately, it's also the one 35 per cent of parents regret the most. As well as being the name of the princess from Sleeping Beauty Aurora also means ‘dawn’ in Latin.

The survey revealed that the boys name parents regret the most is Hunter, with 32 per cent of parents with a child they'd named Hunter saying they wish they'd picked something else.


Reasons for wanting to change their child's name even after an official announcement include blaming their partner for the choice, it not suiting them and because they named it after a celebrity.

Around 64 per cent of parents said the name not suiting their child was the biggest reason, 48 per cent said it was because their partner had picked it, 37 per cent was because their friend had picked the same name, while 32 per cent said it was because they were worried their child would get teased for it at school.


Other names that made the biggest regrets list included for boys Jaxon, Carter, Tobias, Oliver, Grayson, Felix, Jasper, Sonny and Dexter.

For girls, names included Arabella, Lyla, Amber, Edith, Maryam, Harriet, Summer, Delilah, and Gracie.

Perhaps not so surprisingly the names their parents would never call their children included Boris, with 76 per cent refusing to consider it thanks to our Prime Minister. And Karen is out too, according to a further 83 per cent.

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