Incredible Video of 'Bubble Baby' Born INSIDE Amniotic Sac

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A baby boy born in China has become extremely popular after footage was released showing the infant being delivered ‘en caul’, or whilst still in their amniotic sac, at a hospital in eastern China.

Source: Metro Online

At the time of delivery, the baby was only at 36 weeks gestation and consequently weighed only 5.5lbs. It was this fact that resulted in the decision to deliver the baby en caul, as Dr Pan Milan, who delivered the baby, explains when he said “We opted for this procedure because preterm babies are weaker than full-term babies. As premature births are among the main reasons for infant mortality, an en caul birth allows the newborn to be delivered inside the same protective membrane. This reduces moisture loss to the skin, avoids rapid temperature loss after preterm birth, and decreases the risk of the infant being harmed during a C-section”.

A further complication faced by the team was that the baby also had a condition known as a ‘Velamentous Cord Insertion’, where the umbilical cord does not attach in the centre of the placenta and instead travels through the membrane, which can cause problems such as ruptured blood vessels in the cord. Despite this complication, the procedure was successful, with the baby being removed from the sac after just two minutes. Had any further complications arisen, Dr Pan Milan explained that “even if an en caul delivery were unsuccessful, the baby could then be delivered via a traditional C-section, so it’s just one more option to have”.


As a result of the success of the delivery of this baby, the Fujian Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, where the child was delivered, has decided to increase its usage of the procedure, with a further 10 babies being delivered by this method since.

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