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A caregiver from Florida has been arrested after two young children were found huddled in a corner of a room which they had been stuck in for weeks.

Maria Perez, 32, was arrested after deputies found the boys in an unfurnished room in West Palm Beach, Florida, without access to food or water. The boys, one a toddler and the other a preteen, told police that they had not seen Perez for more than a couple of minutes in at least to weeks, and that was simply to give them a McDonald’s meal. Speaking about the events, the deputy who found the boys said “[The Children] do not have access to food or water except for at school or when [Perez] brings it to them”.


Officials discovered the boys during a welfare check on their home on November 8, and having made several attempts to contact the caregiver, when they finally reached her she said she couldn’t go home because she was working. Perez’s roommate, however, presented a different story, saying he hadn’t seen her in three weeks and that she “often states she is ‘at work’” Despite not having a job. When the caregiver finally returned home around midday, she “appeared dishevelled” and told police she planned to take the kids to school after work, however, “I reminded her it was noon, and she shrugged” the deputy reported. According to a social worker who collaborated with the police, the children had missed 15 days of school so far this year.

Perez has since been charged with three counts of child neglect and has been sent to Palm Beach County Jail to serve the sentence. This wasn’t however, her first problem with the law, having previously been convicted for food stamp fraud in 2014, receiving 18 months probation.

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