Love Island STAR Kept Baby News SECRET For Baby’s Mum’s Sake

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For many, the sudden announcement by ‘Love Island’ star Jack Fincham that he had become a father was a great shock, however, in his first appearance since becoming a father, he has revealed that he made the decision to keep the birth secret for the sake of the baby’s mother.

Jack and baby Blossom

He returned to the public eye during an appearance at the National Television Awards, and speaking on the red carpet, Fincham explained that his decision was to make sure things were as easy for baby Blossom’s mum during the pregnancy by keeping her away from the public eye, “I kept the pregnancy a secret so her mum could have a peaceful pregnancy. And she did.” he said during an interview with The Sun.

Not a great deal is known about Blossom’s mother, although Jack explained that she and him are friends and are planning to co-parent their child together.


Having found fame in 2018 on popular TV show Love Island, Jack ended up winning the show alongside ex-girlfriend Dani Dyer, but despite their split, Dyer said in an interview on Radio 2 “When everyone else found out, I found out...everyone loves a baby and I wish them all the best.”

Jack has adapted quickly to the world of fatherhood, saying in an interview “It just doesn’t get boring. It’s just amazing. You keep just looking at this little person thinking, “I created that, It’s amazing” I have got a different head on my shoulders. I’m not just thinking about myself anymore - when I do things, I am thinking about Blossom as well”

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