‘Max & Keira’s Law’ - Every UK Adult Is Now an Organ Donor

by Laura Driver

Every adult in the UK is now an organ donor unless they opt-out.

Organ donation laws have changed today which will benefit people waiting for life-saving operations. Adults in the UK are now organ donors unless they choose to opt-out.

'Max and Keira's Law' has introduced an 'opt-out' system for organ donation in the UK, which means consent is presumed for all adults. Previously, people would have had to opt-in to be able to donate organs.

The law is named after two children, one of which saved the life of the other thanks to organ donation.

Keira Ball passed away three days after being in a car accident near her home in Devon in July 2017 which left her with serious head injuries. Motivated by her desire to help others, her family took the decision to allow her to become an organ donor.

Around the same time, Max Johnson, 10, was fighting for his life at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and was in desperate need of a heart transplant. Keira Ball’s organs went on to save the lives of four other people, including young boy Max Johnson, who received her heart.

The proud parents of nine-year-old Keira want to dispel the negative stories of organ donation, with the new law expected to save hundreds of lives each year.

Keira’s Mum Loanna said: "If your child needed an organ to survive, you would do whatever you could to try and get an organ. So you have to look on the flip side, if you're going to receive an organ you have to be prepared to give one."

Keira’s Dad Joe said: "We never thought about organ donation, at the time we thought Keira would pull through." He said he was approached by the organ donation team and was asked if he had ever thought about it. "I looked at Keira, she was a really loving girl and she loved life. If she could help someone she always would, so it was a no brainer to help others.”


Joe said that parents in a similar position can be concerned about the appearance of their child following the organ transplantation but should be reassured. He added: "We've had families contact us who are worried about donating their child's organs after they've passed, they are concerned about the appearance of their child after organ donation. "Keira looked perfect after her organs were donated - you would not be able to tell the difference. She didn't look broken."

Joe and Loanna, who have three other children, hope the government will continue to educate people on organ donation to get rid of any misconceptions surrounding the new 'opt-out' regime.

Joe added: "We'd like to see education for young children in schools. We visit schools to do talks about organ donation, afterwards, a lot of children have a discussion with their parents - education is the key to getting rid of all the horror stories."

They said that people considering organ donation should speak to their family members and friends about their wishes regarding organ donation.

Joe said: "The only issue with the law is even if you don't opt-out; your family will get the last say. It's important that you speak to your family about your wishes.

"If people feel so strongly about organ donation, then they will make the effort to opt-out but people who are on the fence may not opt-out. Hopefully, this will guarantee that more organs will be available."

The family hopes this will open the conversation for people who may never have thought of organ donation.

Every year, on the anniversary of Keira's death and Max's organ transplant - the two families meet to mark the special day and celebrate Keira's life.

Joe added: "It's a massive loss we're never going to replace, but after seeing Max and how poorly he was - it is nice to see how far he has come."

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