Parents Are Drugging Their Babies, Are You One of Them?

by Robert Dunne

Ok so yes firstly you did read that title correctly, and as much as I appreciate 99% of you wouldn’t even consider such an idea, there have been a growing number of parents who are in fact resorting to knocking out their kids!

The premise behind this is reasonably simple, mums and dads have begun concocting bottles for their children consisting of milk, cereal, and medicine, with the aim of putting them to sleep easily and therefore stopping the midnight screaming sessions. However, the simple fact of the matter is, that this is not safe for your baby and therefore needs to stop.

The trend started in November 2019 however has recently resurfaced due to its online presence after one mum posted a photo of her concoction online with a description of how she had put it together, leading a number of other mums to try similar methods.

Very simply, these methods, as much as they may seem effective, can be extremely dangerous for the baby, with the cereal element especially providing a major choking hazard for your little one, as well as causing them to likely be taking in too many calories in comparison to the requirements.

It needs to be remembered that it is completely normal for babies to wake up two or three times during the night, and it can also actually help your baby’s sleep pattern in future if you as a parent comfort them back to sleep during the night. By adding foods such as cereals to these bottles, there is, in fact, no guarantee that your baby will sleep better, or even at all! All this does is increase the chances of your baby choking due to the differences between drinking milk and eating as actions for a developing baby to take.

The medicine should also not be added under any circumstances unless advised by a GP or medical practitioner. This is due to the impact this can have on the baby’s development, in addition to the fact that there is no guarantee that the baby has taken the drug if they do not complete a feed.

If you are struggling with sleep regression as a result of having a little one then why not take a look at some of our blogs for some great advice and guidance to help you deal with it effectively without risking your baby’s health.

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