Surprise Baby for Woman Who Thought She Had Trapped Wind

by Laura Driver

Good Morning Britain viewers were stunned when a woman who didn’t realise she was pregnant gave birth just an hour after being told her stomach pain was just ‘trapped wind’.

Charlotte Wheeler-Smith, who lives in the Netherlands, gave birth to her baby daughter Evelyn in her hallway, and recalled her shock at having to suddenly become a mother.

Speaking to Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins, Charlotte was seen alongside a doctor and her new baby girl. She explained “I was feeling uncomfortable on Sunday morning, on Father’s Day and I actually thought it was period pains. So, I took some paracetamol, but then my boyfriend was a bit worried, so he called the GP. The GP came and examined me and said that I had some trapped wind and some IBS, and then an hour later Evelyn arrived. I allowed my boyfriend to go out for a run because I thought, just get him out of the house while dealing with this discomfort,” she continued.


“I’m walking up and down these very Dutch very steep stairs, and I just thought, ‘maybe I do need to go to the bathroom because I’ve got this trapped wind’, and then, an umbilical cord came out. ‘So that’s kind of when I realised that something was happening.”

However, the birth was far from easy and Charlotte revealed that she had suffered difficulties while pushing, with her boyfriend using CPR he learned in high school to help her breathing. She also credited One Born Every Minute for her knowing when something had gone wrong.

Thankfully, after arriving at the hospital, she was looked after and despite the scary start, Evelyn is now happy and healthy.

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Written by

Laura Driver

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