The Baby Show’s Most Innovative Products for 2020

by Rachel Hazelwood

I was lucky enough to be given access to this year’s Baby Show at ExCel London and firstly what an event! The Baby Show is an annual event dedicated to all that is baby related. Many big brands rock up to showcase new products and test out customer reactions towards them. You can also see many smaller or start-up brands with stalls selling a variety of different things. It’s an event where companies can offer you massive discounts on many of their products. It’s a good place to really research what brands you might want to use from bump to baby. A lot of stalls will give you samples and coupons for use online so you can save even after you’ve left!

There was so much to see, but in this article, I will talk about my favourite brands of the day and their newest products!



Anyone else guilty of sitting in the car for a while because their child is asleep and you don’t want to wake them? Whilst this isn’t exactly a brand new product, I was very excited to find it! It basically helps you to manoeuvre your baby easily while they sleep. This blanket comes in three funky designs that are pleasing to the eye. It is universal so can be laid inside any buggy or rear-facing car seat and wraps over harnesses and ties (so no fear that they could pull it over their faces). It’s completely safe to use as a feeding blanket and swaddle. Snugglebundl has two handles which can be used to pick baby up without waking them while the padding fully supports their head and neck. As it is recommended leaving babies in a rear-facing position for as long as possible, this blanket can be used for children up to 2 years old. It is fully machine washable. The retail price for this product is £40, but you can get 10% off using discount code ‘snuggle1’

To grab yourself a Snugglebundle click here -


This product was made for long, cold winter walks, heated pushchair mittens! I tried them and they were so cosy. The HottMitt is an electrically heated mitten set with a phone holder between them that can be attached to the handle of a pushchair. The phone holder is a plastic slot which is waterproof and provides complete touch usage. The heating cycle is around 5 minutes in which afterwards they automatically turn off to save power. They have a rechargeable 5000mAh battery which can last for up to 25 five minute cycles. The battery pack also has a spare USB slot that can be used to charge your devices should you need to. It retails for £89.99, but by buying online you can use the discount code ‘BABY’ for 10% off.

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Purflo Overnight Bed

The Purflo Overnight Bed is a brand new sleeping nest, but with a difference! This nest has a firm flat base to aid in safe overnight sleeping and can be used in a cot. The base is also waterproof, so no leakage onto any soft, hard to clean fabrics or bedding. The breathable cover is completely removable and machine washable which makes it super easy to clean. The very firm sides will stop baby from rolling into uncomfortable and unsafe positions. The product is made from a material called Sorona; Sorona is an environmentally friendly material derived from 37% plant matter that doesn’t flatten with age. It retails at £120 and there are 4 visually appealing designs.

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Purflo Swaddle-to-Sleep Bag

I was lucky enough to get a glimpse at another product by Purflo that will be released this year. The Swaddle-to-Sleep bag is a soft bag that can be used as a swaddle or converted into a sleep sack by undoing poppers. It is suitable for newborn up to 4 months. Poppers run up the sides to create the swaddle or up to the armpits to stop baby from pulling their arms through into the sack. The sack also features a zip which goes around the side for easy nappy changing access. The panel on the chest is very slightly weighted so baby feels like it has some contact to provide a sense of comfort. The bag has mesh sides and making it breathable. The product will be released later this year in a variety of designs.

Why not have a look for yourself here -


Everyone hates cutting their baby’s nails, right? I can’t be the only one terrified that I’m going to catch my baby. The Minimani is a 100% safe electric nail file. This is a product that came about late last year and has already received glowing reviews. The device comes with a variety of attachments and can be used on anyone so is also safe from newborn. The little torch and the quiet nature of the product means it can be used while the baby is asleep without fear of waking them. Everything fits into a little case which makes it easy to carry around when travelling. It retails for £30.

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The Baby Show was the launch of this product and I’ve not seen one before, but Sverl have made an electric bottle brush. It comes with 3 different attachments; one attachment for bottles, flasks and anything deep that you struggle to clean the bottom of, another attachment cleans straws and finally another specifically for teats. The device does need four AA batteries, but should give you around three months of regular usage with the brush. It retails for £24.99.

Have a look for yourself here -

Ergobaby embrace

If you’re looking for a something to carry the baby in whilst on your chest but feel uncomfortable about a sling or the bulkiness of a carrier, I’d give this a try! The Ergobaby Embrace couples the feel and softness of a sling with the security of a buckled carrier, a “wrap hybrid” was what the rep described it to me as. I was very surprised at the touch of the fabric, it was so soft. It can be used facing towards or away from you and sits babies from newborn up to 18 months old. It was designed in an ergonomic way for baby, this means that the baby sits with his/her legs in the “M-shape” position for good hip health. There are four colours to choose from including black, blue, grey and wine. It was only released in January this year and retails for around £80.

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Now I’ve never actually heard of this skincare brand before, but they’ve been around for a while. They have a variety of ranges including normal, very dry, sensitive and eczema - so there’s skincare for all. Their products are created using 95% naturally derived ingredients making them eco-friendly and have been dermatologist tested for use from birth. Their newest product is called repair cream. The repair cream is an intense moisturiser that aids in healing. It can be used everywhere including cuts and grazes, sore nipples, lips and hands.

Take a look at their range here -

Tommee Tippee GroFriend

Now I know that Tommee Tippee have had a GroFriends out for a while, but they’ve just introduced new characters! There’s now Bennie the Bear and Pip the Panda! They have a soothing night light in their bellies and play sounds or lullabies to help your little ones drift off to sleep. They have been programmed with CrySensor technology, which responds by turning on the lullabies whenever it hears a loud noise. The buddies are rechargeable, meaning you don’t have to keep buying batteries for it and the velcro loop keeps it out of the way, so you can keep a clear cot. It retails for £39.99.

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