TikTok Baby Trend Divides Parents But What Do You Think?

by Laura Driver

Mean or funny? TikTok users have been divided over a new trend on the TikTok app.

Last year we had parents throwing cheese slices at their little ones to get likes but most recently mums have been taking part in a new challenge, in which they film themselves 'accidentally' spilling water over their baby's heads to see how they react.

The videos have garnered plenty of likes but have also divided many viewers who thought that the whole thing was honestly just a bit mean.

In one video a woman named Mikayla sits on the floor next to her young daughter. Mikayla is holding a cup of water, which she proceeds to jerk/shake in time with a song so that the contents splash the baby. The first time some of the water lands on the child, she doesn't really react, but the second time it spills on her face and she instantly begins crying. The mum captioned the video, writing: "I'm never doing a TikTok trend again. I felt so bad. Wait for it."


I’m never doing a Tik Tok trend again 😂😂 I felt so bad 🥺🥺🥺 wait for it ##fyp##upcycling##babiesoftiktok##whatyoudoingwiththat

♬ Ah Eh - queen_zyon1

Mikayala's video has been viewed over 903,500 times and received more than 128,000 likes.

People had a mixed response in the comments, with some saying it brightened up their day and others not being very impressed.

One person wrote: "This brought me so much joy. It's such a silly little thing but her reaction was exactly what mine would have been too." Another said: "Sorry but I don't feel bad for the baby, that's funny." However a different user replied: "Na. Couldn't do this to my baby, not worth a TikTok. It came out that this was cruel. Water is probably cold too. Poor thing." Someone else proclaimed: "Mother of the year, not!"


However other videos from the trend show kids having much more positive reactions to getting a little wet. A user named Lolo showed how her daughter laughed the entire time during the video.

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger also gave the challenge a go after Jojo Siwa texted her about it. Her little boy Flynn thought it was absolutely hilarious as well. It seems it depends on the child whether or not trying a challenge like this is a good idea. If you know your little one won't enjoy getting splashed, then it's not worth making them uncomfortable for some likes on social media.

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Written by

Laura Driver

Blogger & Social Media Manager
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