Toddler Covers Herself In Permanent Eyebrow Tint!

by Laura Driver

Have you ever turned your back for a second and your curious toddler has got into something they shouldn’t?! Char Offley’s little one, Ava, completely covered herself, the carpet and the furniture in water-resistant make-up which she couldn’t remove!

When Char realised she couldn’t remove the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel tint she sought help online asking members of the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group how best to remove it from her furnishings - and 2-year-old daughter Ava.

Understandably frustrated yet highly amused, Char shared some adorable snaps of her make-up-covered daughter who appeared almost as defeated as her mum after attempting to clean up the disaster.


She wrote: "Can someone please advise on how to get water resistant eyebrow gel off of my carpet and armchair. Makeup remover not helping! I’ve got the majority off of my child but no hope for the carpet." And hilariously added: "Don’t panic, I’m not mad at her I thought it was funny! just more annoyed that I’ve only just bought the stuff and it took 13 days to be delivered. "

Char also shared a snap of her beige carpet and grey armchair! 

Members of the group rushed to Char's aid and offered a range of suggestions to remove the stains. For her daughter, many suggested Body Shop's Chamomile cleansing balm, whereas Elbow Grease was a standout choice for her carpet and fabric.

A member joked about the brow gel's "incredible" staying power with one person saying: "at least you know your brows will be on for days if your little diva left you any to try."

Char later confirmed that she managed to remove the stains from her armchair using Elbow Grease but said, "I’ve not managed to get it off the carpet yet, but I’ll try a bleach mixture later on when the girls are in bed as it’s a polypropylene carpet." She also added: "It came off right away with Elbow Grease! But it didn’t touch the carpet! I also tried vanish foam but that didn’t work either!"

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As for her daughter, who seemed to get the most of it, Char told us: "I managed to get it off of Ava with lots of Clinique Take The Day Off Balm, and fairy liquid!" but admitted that "it did take a while."

Char joked "I’m not too fussed about clearing up the mess, more that I’d only just bought it and I didn’t have any left," she joked, "but I guess the good thing is it’s a cracking review for Anastasia Beverly Hills, really shows it’s staying power and water resistance."

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