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One thing I know every brit has in common is a love for a good freebie. But when it comes to parenting it can sometimes seem like there aren’t many options out there. Yes ok I realise there’s not a great possibility that you’ll be able to get everything without spending a penny, things like prams can set you back an arm and a leg but that is an unfortunate necessity at times. With this in mind, we decided it might be a good idea to lend you parents a hand with a little list of a few things you can get for free to make life with your newborn a bit easier as well as some other ways to save your well-earned money.

Second-Hand Stores

Facebook Marketplace

Honestly, I was as confused as you were when I found out that Facebook had moved into the world of selling peoples stuff for cheap prices, but I can now honestly say I have been pleasantly surprised. For those of you out there struggling with the constant need to replace clothes and toys whether due to your child growing out of them or because of the amount of sick that has manifested on it, Facebook Marketplace is the place for you. With a great selection of clothes, toys and other baby essentials, and all at extremely reasonable prices (or even no price at all!), you can keep your baby equipped for a mere fraction of the normal price, the only drawback being that the stuff is second hand, an issue which a quick wash will solve with ease!

To take a look for yourself follow this link - Facebook Marketplace


Gumtree has been in the second-hand game for as long as anyone can remember, with a trusted customer base and a great variety of products, it’s a parent’s Utopia, with so many products to offer to make life cheaper when dealing with a little one, and with many free options as well. One of the advantages of Gumtree over sites like Facebook Marketplace is that although both offer very similar products, Gumtree has greater delivery opportunities, whilst Facebook Marketplace is still a very much collection reliant system, meaning you have access to a greater variety of products.

Take a look at what it has to offer here - Gumtree

Charity Shops

In this day and age, there isn’t a high street in England that doesn’t have some kind of charity shop present, and these kinds of places can be an absolute goldmine for new parents looking for some cheap ways to clothe and entertain their kids. With a great selection of baby clothes, as well as loads of toys and games that won’t have your child looking at a screen for hours, charity shops can be a great solution for finding quick and easy clothes and games for your little one without the hassle of delivery or collection like you would find with the numerous online options such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

There is another great benefit to these kinds of stores, as if you are uncomfortable buying second-hand clothes for your child, what you can always do is then use these sites to sell or give away the clothes on to other parents in need later on. This means you are happy, as well as maybe saving you some money in the long term and helping another parent in need to get some much-needed clothes for their child.

Find your local charity shops below:

British Heart Foundation -

Cancer Research UK -

British Red Cross -

Oxfam -


Use Your Friends and Family

Friends’ Baby Clothes

If you have friends who also have young children, then it is more than likely that they may be facing similar problems as you, with millions of clothes that their child no longer fits and nowhere to send it, so why not ask them if you can take some of them for your own child, as then not only will it save you money but it will also clear up wardrobe space for your friend, a win-win for all!

Throw a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a classic opportunity to get some bits from your friends that you may want or need ready for when your baby is born. Whether you create a baby registry for people to buy from or you ask people to bring baby items they no longer need or want, a baby shower is an easy and casual way to get some much-needed essentials for your little one without much need to even leave your own home. An additional benefit of such an event is it gives you a great opportunity to see all those closest to you before the stress of parenthood begins and you are unable to leave the house. If you’re struggling to think of what to do during your baby shower, there are also loads of great free online guides and games you can use to help make the day special.

Take a look at some great games below:

Use Baby Magazines

Baby magazines provide a great opportunity to gain a wealth of information about the world of parenting and babies, without the risk of the dreaded unwanted advice or even ‘mansplaining’ which can be such unnecessary stress for new mums. On top of this, they frequently offer the opportunity to get free samples of baby products as well as guides on how to make sure you’re buying effectively for you and your little one. Magazines such as Mother&Baby and Baby Magazine offer a great selection of content to keep all mums and dads entertained without a hefty price tag, meaning you can save money and keep yourself up to date in the world of babies simply through a magazine, with of course the added bonus of the occasional freebie!

Check out our top picks below:

Mother&Baby -

Baby -

Use Reward Schemes

One of the most forgotten yet available ways to save money is through rewards schemes. For parents, there are two great opportunities out there for you as both Pampers and Huggies have great reward schemes for parents that can get you great discounts and products without spending as much as you usually would. Another one to consider would be the Tesco Clubcard scheme, as with this comes a great selection of vouchers and discounts that come right to your door, as well as saving you money on your weekly shop. These kinds of schemes also come with the benefit of no paid membership is needed, it’s a simple sign up and earn, meaning no worries about an upcoming direct debit for a load of different memberships. There are loads of these kinds of schemes available so it’s always a good idea to head to your regular shop and see how you can save.

Check out our top recommendations below:

Tesco Clubcard - Tesco Clubcard

Huggies Rewards - Huggies® Rewards | Earn Points for Purchases and More!

Pampers Rewards - Pampers Club: our new app full of rewards & discounts!

And finally...USE US!

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