Watch the ADORABLE MOMENT a whale PLAYS PEEKABOO with a baby

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Alberta Alcantara thought he was simply going out for a whale-watching trip with his daughter when out of the blue an adorable moment happened which the pair will never forget.

Alcantara works for the whale watching company Yellow Submarine and was allowed to bring his daughter on a trip, in Golfo Nuevo, Patagonia, Argentina, as part of a staff day.

Source: MailOnline 

The video shows the adorable moment a southern right whale begins to bob up and down in the water alongside the boat, appearing to play peekaboo with Alcantra’s six-month-old daughter Azul who giggles in delight as they play.


Speaking about the experience, Julitte Decré, owner of Yellow Submarine, explained that it is not unusual for the whales to be attracted to babies when either at the surface or underwater, saying “Whales we find do have a special connection with babies, we also have a submarine for whale watching and every time we have babies on board the whales are coming more at the windows of the submarine. We think they have a special bond, perhaps to the sounds the baby makes and certain frequencies. So, when we have a baby crying onboard I always say let it cry because the whales will come. From a scientific point of view (I am no scientist) we cannot say why the whales are attracted to the noise of the baby, but it is a wonderful thing.”

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