Jodie Keith

Blogger, Crafter and Mum of 1
I’m Jodie – a twenty-five-year-old woman living in Kent. You can normally find me running after my one-year-old toddler, secretly eating chocolate in the toilet or nestled on the sofa with a new craft project. I live with my fiancé, son and Prince the cat, and whilst we’re trying to both redecorate our home and plan some kind of wedding, life is always 100mph in our household! Blogging has always been a love of mine, yet as my life is now a far cry away from the beauty blogging world I once loved and knew so well, I’m now trying to find my voice in the parenting blogosphere. My blog, Jodetopia, is your go-to for all things family life in Kent - from teething toddlers to days out with ducks, Jodetopia has it all.

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