Lynette Marsden

Blogger, Sleep Expert and Mum of One
Certified sleep consultant and mum of 4, Lynette has helped thousands of mums get their babies to sleep. As a new mum, she felt exhausted and overwhelmed by all the contradicting baby sleep advice - from “some babies just don’t sleep, welcome to motherhood!” to “just leave him to cry, he’ll learn”. But she knew there had to be a better way. After countless hours of research, training and listening to everyday mums in the trenches, she has developed the 'Love The Newborn Stage' online sleep program to help ALL parents, regardless of parenting approach or baby’s temperament. She loves family walks on the beach, bubble baths and a good Netflix series. Her biggest guilty pleasure is enjoying a bag of Percy Pigs in peace (without secret scoffing behind a cupboard door!)

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