Sabrina Hackett-Saikul

YBC Blogger, Writer, Photographer & Single Mum
I’m Sabrina, a writer and photographer from the Wales and West Midlands border. I have a Degree in Photography and I’ve been a writer for many years. I created my blog in 2016 after I was diagnosed with a life changing medical condition, Endometriosis; as I needed an outlet for my anxiety. Writing and sharing that experience publicly became a source of calm for me. I had two intense years of uncertainty, including surgeries and then medical help in order to have a family. I became a mother in 2018 to a beautiful boy. My son is my world and he has opened my eyes to many things. I write about all aspects of my life including parenting experiences, reviewing things I find useful, as well as my journey to become a parent in the first place. I’m also a huge fan of food and cooking and I often make my own recipes. I am a massive fan of everything in nature and love my cats too.

Articles written by Sabrina Hackett-Saikul

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