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Age-by-Age Playtime Guide
Baby Senses

Your newborn experiences the world through the five senses, but not quite in the same way you do. Learn how baby's senses develop during the first year and how to stimulate your baby in ways that are relevant to each stage of development.

Bath and Potty Time

Most bathrooms were made for adults, but your child will spend quite a bit of time in there for bath time, and later for potty training! Be prepared to safely bathe your newborn, and discover fun bath activities and water play ideas.

Early Child Development

It's amazing how quickly babies develop during the first year or two! It feels like every day brings new milestones in early child development. Stay on top of the changes with developmental checklists for babies at each new age.

Sleeping and Soothing

Infant sleep patterns vary, and your job is to discover what works for your baby. Stick to the sleep safety basics while you explore soothing techniques for the first few months. Then work on getting older babies to sleep through the night!