Measles Vaccination Now Compulsory in Germany


In a move that further detriments the cause of anti-vaxxers, the German parliament have voted in favour of making measles injections compulsory for school children, as well as for those working as teachers or daycare workers, with hospital staff, and those living in refugee shelters also falling under the umbrella of those affected by the legislation.

Speaking on the decision, Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, described measles as “too often underestimated.” furthering this by saying “It’s about the protection of the weakest”. Germany has seen a rise in cases of the highly contagious and potentially fatal disease, with 501 cases being reported so far this year, which sparked the decision to move to pass the law which will come into force in March 2020. A global study provided further cause to bring the law into force, with it finding that Europeans were the most likely to believe the myths surrounding vaccines being unsafe or ineffective, despite the continent having a dramatic resurgence in cases of measles infections, with 90,000 reported between January and June this year.

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When the law comes into force, parents who are unable to prove their offspring have been vaccinated against measles by August 2021 will be fined up to 2,500 euros, which is equal to around 2,150 pounds, this fine will also be issued to adults who are required by the law to be vaccinated.

British ministers are currently considering the introduction of a similar law targeting children in state schools, according to health secretary Matt Hancock. This decision comes after earlier this year a study of more than 650,000 children concluded that there was no link between MMR vaccinations and autism, which was originally proposed by a now-disgraced UK doctor who was struck off due to ethics violations.

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